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HeatWave on AWS Metrics and Performance Tools

As you’re working with your data, you’ll want to check out the performance of MySQL HeatWave on AWS, and we provide a number of metrics for you to examine.

HeatWave Cluster Workspaces

Above, we see the Workspaces tab in the Console, having just run a query. While we see a memory snapshot, we can go deeper in the Performance tab.


Here’s the good stuff! Not only can you see performance per node, but you can also see the size of the dataset, the data dictionary, and if you click on Workload tab the top, you’ll see duration each step the query took, and when queries have taken place.

Clicking back on Cluster and scrolling down, we can see metrics related to the VM itself, including memory and connection usage, CPU, and so on. If you’re keen on squeezing every drop of performance that you can out of MySQL HeatWave on AWS, we got you.

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