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Get the latest resources and tools for developing applications with Linux.

Getting Started with Oracle Linux

Learn how to get started using Oracle Linux and related technologies with these easy-to-follow learning paths.

Web/API Programming Languages

Get started with programming languages on Oracle Linux, including Java, Python, Node.js, Go, Ruby and PHP. Download and install directly from Oracle Linux yum server.

Oracle Linux for Database Developers

Build applications that connect to Oracle Database. Download Oracle Instant client and database connector modules for popular programming languages.

Containers and Orchestration

Get the tools you need to containerize applications and automate deployment, scaling, and management across a cluster of systems.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Linux powers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Learn about the latest compute images, SDKs, and utilities for your Oracle Cloud deployments.

Kernel Development

Want to tinker a bit closer to the hardware? Read about Linux kernel-level development and features you can play with.

Debugging and Diagnostics

Learn how to dive a bit deeper and debug and diagnose thorny issues in your Linux system or application.


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Oracle Linux Automation Manager
Rapid Application Deployment