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Containers, Kubernetes, and Serverless Functions

Oracle Cloud provides both breadth and depth when it comes to support for modern application deployment. From managed Kubernetes (OKE), to Serverless Functions using docker containers, to Container Instances…all thoughtfully integrated with a secure and performance image repository service (OCIR). What’s more, you can leverage the OCI DevOps service to build and deliver all your containerized applications with ease.

Container and Kubernetes Puzzle

Cloud Native Services on OCI

Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes is a fully-managed, scalable, and highly available service that you can use to deploy your containerized applications to the cloud. Use Container Engine for Kubernetes (sometimes abbreviated to just OKE) when your development team wants to reliably build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications. You specify the compute resources that your applications require, and Container Engine for Kubernetes provisions them on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in an existing OCI tenancy.

Container Registry

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (also known as Container Registry) is an Oracle-managed registry that enables you to simplify your development to production workflow. Container Registry makes it easy for you as a developer to store, share, and manage container images (such as Docker images). And the highly available and scalable architecture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ensures you can reliably deploy your applications. So you don't have to worry about operational issues, or scaling the underlying infrastructure.

OCI Functions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Functions is a fully managed, multi-tenant, highly scalable, on-demand, Functions-as-a-Service platform. It is built on enterprise-grade Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and powered by the Fn Project open source engine. Use OCI Functions (sometimes abbreviated to just Functions, and formerly known as Oracle Functions) when you want to focus on writing code to meet business needs.

Container Instances

OCI Container Instances enables you to easily run applications on serverless compute optimized for containers. Using Container Instances, you can easily launch one or more containers with flexibility to specify compute shape, resource allocation, networking, and other optional configurations. Container Instances run on a dedicated environment with strong isolation for improved security. You only pay for the CPU and memory resources at the same price as "regular" OCI Compute, making Container Instances the best value option for running containers in cloud.

OCI DevOps

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps service is a complete continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform for developers to simplify and automate their software development lifecycle. The OCI DevOps service enables developers and operators to collaboratively develop, build, test, and deploy software. Developers and operators get visibility across the full development lifecycle with a history of source commit through build, test, and deploy phases.

Application Development on OCI

The way we design, develop, and ship software has transformed. Managed and serverless cloud services paired with microservices, Kubernetes, functions, API management, and CI/CD let dev teams focus and ship faster. On OCI, customers combine modern development patterns with data and AI to create and future-proof the next generation of applications.

Application Development Services and Tooling

Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

Thumbnail - Deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes

Deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes

Thumbnail - Kubernetes on OCI Made Easy

Kubernetes on OCI Made Easy

Thumbnail - Kubernetes Cluster Management Made Easy

Kubernetes Cluster Management Made Easy

OCI Container Instances

Thumbnail - First Principles: Inside OCI Container Instances
Thumbnail - OCI Container Instances Deep Dive
Thumbnail - Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Instances

OCI Serverless Functions

Thumbnail - Developing Serverless Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Thumbnail - Serverless Functions the Easy Way
Thumbnail - Workshop: Configuring Oracle Functions

OCI Container Registry

Thumbnail - How to Push a Docker Image to OCI Registry Using an Identity Cloud Service user
Thumbnail - Oracle Container Image Scanning, Signing, and Verification

Additional Container Technology Resources