Use Java SE and JavaFX to create applications that run on mobile devices in the cloud—without the need to learn a lot of different platforms.
Explore a simple process for using Docker containers to provide all the services a Java EE application requires. 
Use this principal IoT messaging protocol to asynchronously send and receive data from devices—in this case, from drones. is evolving.
Get started building your first JET application.
A look inside Oracle's open source JavaScript toolkit.
Use OracleJET to get your content on every device.
Enhance application performance and capabilities with the top 12 features in Oracle Database 12 c.
See the advanced features that enable development of modern web-based and embedded applications and services.
Develop a RESTful web service in Java SE 8 using Spring Boot and the Oracle Database Cloud Service.
Build a hybrid application using data from Oracle Fusion Sales Cloud.
Choose the right tools and framework for your development project.
Create a RESTful API in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service using the Express API feature.
Quickly develop, test and deploy cloud-native applications using Docker containers.
Gain a more agileDevOps process using Jenkins, Git, Maven, IPS, and Puppet.
Database developers can get continuous integration using Oracle Developer Cloud Service.
Learn how reading Open Source code can make you a better developer.
Use Python and cx_Oracle to rapidly build Oracle Database applications.
Oracle developers discuss how their use of OSS is evolving.
Launch an Oracle Developer Cloud Service and build your first development project.
Deploy an easy-to-provision Docker container environment in a click, with defined orchestration.
Create a REST service in PHP using the Laravel framework and Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, then test on Oracle Application Cloud Container.
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