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Level up your cloud game

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Get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

In this tutorial we will show how simple it is to deploy a single instance web application environment in OCI.

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Simplify Microservices with Oracle’s Converged Database

Build a sample food delivery app with multiple data types, languages, and built-in Event Mesh with Autonomous Database.

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Launch Your First MySQL HeatWave Instance

Learn how to create your first MySQL HeatWave instance in a secure OCI environment.

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Deploy an OKE Cluster Using Oracle Cloud Shell

Deploy and connect to a Kubernetes cluster, then run a sample application all using OCI CLI

Tech Articles from your friends at Oracle

Permissioned blockchain

Blockchain applications can be used for a variety of operations such as finance, supply chain monitoring, and identity validation.

Serverless functions

Serverless functions are part of an evolution in cloud computing that has helped free organizations managing infrastructure and resources. 

Getting Started with Web3

Web3 is taking hold and evolving quickly. Are you ready for a new generation of internet apps? Get up to speed quickly.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Quick Reference

Quickly browse our catalog to discover how we can help you build your next project.

There’s nothing artificial about this intelligence

Use AI and ML to rocket your project into the next era of computing.

Develop in your favorite programming language

Software development use cases


Enterprise Apps

A comprehensive set of enterprise grade tools to build large scale, mission critical applications.



Accelerate the creation and deployment of machine learning models and automate routine tasks with AI.


Web Apps

Speed, performance, and scalability for all your application needs.



Fully managed cluster for any workload.



Techniques and tools for implementing impactful analytics capabilities.



Focus on your applications rather than servers.


High Performance Computing

Enhanced high-performance network cluster to solve any complex problem.


Modern App Development

Modern App Development is your guide to build secure, resilient, and scalable applications in OCI.

More Resources

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Explore the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Documentation for all services.

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Oracle Cloud Services

Quickly browse our catalog of cloud services to discover how we can help you build your next project.

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Training & Certification

Build cloud proficiency on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with free training.

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Oracle GitHub

Explore Open Source projects at Oracle. Intended to be examples or for instructional purposes.

Latest News

Check out our recent announcements

Calling all cloud native app developers

Kubernetes at scale just got a lot easier. Check out the amazing new features in Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

Announcing Container Instances

We’re excited to announce the availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Container Instances, a serverless compute service that enables you to instantly run containers without managing any servers.

What's New in OCI

Check out the most recent news on OCI.

Announcing MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse General Availability

With the general availability of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, MySQL HeatWave provides one service for transaction processing, real-time analytics across data warehouses and data lakes, and machine learning—without ETL across cloud services.

Try Oracle Cloud Always Free. No Time Limits.

Get Free Tier with no time limits on a selection of Always Free services like Autonomous Database, Compute, and Storage, and US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services.