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Arm for Developers

Oracle Ampere A1 Compute is a high-performance platform combining Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Ampere Altra Arm processors. It provides deterministic performance, proven security, and a broad developer ecosystem that includes popular tools and environments (OS, Kubernetes - OKE, SDKs, and CLIs).

Building Applications with OCI Arm compute shapes is free to try, easy to learn, and fast to explore. Developers can count on a broad community of developers and partners including Jenkins, Gitlab, GitHub, NGINX, Rancher, and several others. Developers can get started quickly with the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image.

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Get started and test your apps on Oracle Arm compute with Free Tier


Build your first Arm app using Kubernetes and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Deploy a Nextcloud app on Arm.


Arm and OCI-related resources and documentation for developers.

Discover Arm on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Getting Started

Transitioning applications to Arm Ampere A1 Compute on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Learn how to move to Ampere A1 Compute



Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image for Arm. Develop Arm-based applications quickly using Kubernetes (OKE) and Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image.

Start developing using the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image for Arm

Use Cases

OCI uses Ampere A1 processors and supports all general-purpose workloads. The following workloads are particularly well-suited for Altra processors.

  • Kubernetes workloads (OKE) – NGINX, web applications
  • Cloud Native and CI/CD
  • Web-scale applications
  • Redis, Memcached, MySQL based workloads
  • ML Inferencing
  • Media Encoding
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)

New to OCI?

This page provides sample tutorials, Hands-on Labs, and other developer-centric materials to quickly start building apps on OCI.

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