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Build with Go

Heavily influenced by C and partly inspired by Python, Go offers features to better utilize modern computing power, including networked, multicore machines, as well as larger codebases. It is open source and its lightweight processes, called goroutines, are ideally suited to web development and microservices, but is also an excellent choice for network server applications. Go is an excellent match for the reliability and scalability inherent in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!

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What is Go? Why is it important?

Go is an open source, compiled, procedural programming language designed to be highly readable, like Python and JavaScript, but also highly efficient and scalable, borrowing many concepts from C. Its high-performance networking and multi-processing support as well as overall simplicity have made it increasingly popular with backend developers. These resources will help you get Go-ing on Oracle Cloud.

Go articles

How to get Going on Oracle Cloud Compute

Get up and running quickly with Go on Oracle Cloud Compute with this tutorial that walks you through the basic steps, suitable for all experience levels!

Go Software Engineering and Automation with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps

DevOps is a particularly suitable use case for Go, with its lightweight processes and built-in concurrency. Consider that Kubernetes and Docker are built using Go. This article discusses how to start building tools on OCI for your DevOps needs.

OCI Functions in Go and Using the OCI Go SDK for accessing OCI services from Go

Wondering what functions you can use with Go and OCI? Wonder no more with this article explaining in detail how to use the OCI Go SDK and get the most out of OCI services when building tools using Go.

Working in Go applications with Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database

Combining the power of Oracle’s database offerings with Go means you can leverage world-class reliability, scaling, and efficiency with a minimum of fuss. This article dives into how to get started with Go and databases on OCI.

Hooking Go applications into OCI Streaming, using OCI Key Vault and Go Deployment on OKE

Since Kubernetes is built using Go, it’s only logical to use it with OKE – but how do you put it all together? Jump into OCI Streaming and the OCI Key Vault in this article.

Interacting with OCI Object Storage using Go SDK: First Steps

OCI Object Storage is another powerful tool that’s easy to access with Go. Learn about buckets, namespaces, and more with this primer on getting started with this technology.

Additional Go developer products

Go blogs

Connecting to Oracle Databases using Godror and Sqlx

Get Go-ing with Oracle Databases and connecting with Godror, a driver for connecting to Oracle DB. This goes hand-in-hand with sqlx, a library giving you a set of extensions to Go's standard database/sql library.

Developing Microservices in Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET, and Go with the OCD

Go is popular for creating microservices as it starts fast and keeps things separated. Learn how to use a plethora of languages to build microservices of your own and leverage the power of Oracle Converged Database to create world-class tools.

Developing Event-Driven Microservices in Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET, and Go with AQ/TEQ

Microservices using Go are highly responsive and crash-resistant, so let’s learn how to use various languages in conjunction with AQ/TEQ in Oracle Database to power any number of helpful tools.