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Get certified for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Certifications open new doors for your cloud skills and career.

Get certified on OCI

Become an OCI Foundations Associate

Provides the foundational knowledge of OCI Cloud Services, and prepares you for the Associate Certification.

Become an OCI Developer Professional

Provides an understanding of OCI Developer services that provide support for cloud-native and microservices architectures.

Developing Cloud Native Applications on OCI Workshop

Learn how to develop cloud-native applications on OCI, you will run on your Free Tier Oracle Cloud account.

Become an OCI DevOps Professional

This Learning Path covers the OCI DevOps service: an end-to-end and continuous integration.

Become a Cloud Security Professional

Provides a complete security solution for secure access and monitoring the Oracle Cloud environment.

Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration

The goal of this course is to become familiar with creating integrations using OCI.

Java Certifications

Java SE 11 Developer

Get a complete view of Java SE 11 technology and prepare for the certification exam.

Enterprise Java Developer

This path teaches Java EE and other technologies that enable you to develop enterprise-level applications.

Java Explorer

Learn Java programming basics such as variables, classes, objects, loops, arrays, and decision constructs.

Database Certifications

Oracle Database Explorer

Get to know about the most popular database, the Oracle Database, and venture into the world of its administration.

Oracle Database 19c: Administration

The Oracle Database 19c: Administration Learning Path lists the courses that helps you become a Professional on the Oracle Database 19c

Oracle Database 21c: New Features

New Features learning path consists of courses that helps you learn the new features and enhancements that are implemented in Oracle Database 21c.