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Graal Cloud Native

Build portable cloud-native Java microservices that start instantly and use fewer resources to reduce compute costs.


Graal Cloud Native (GCN) is a curated set of open source Micronaut® framework modules designed from the ground up to be compiled ahead-of-time with GraalVM Native Image resulting in native executables ideal for microservices.

Benefits of Graal Cloud Native

Multicloud Portability

Write applications once and run them on any public cloud. Develop applications without worrying about cloud-proprietary APIs and libraries, and thus prevent cloud lock-in.

Faster and Cheaper

Graal Cloud Native applications compiled by GraalVM Native Image start instantly, provide peak performance with no warmup, and have a small memory footprint.

Developer Productivity

Reduce development time with out-of-the-box cloud service integrations and compile-time validation that detects errors at build time, not runtime.


Supported on OCI

Run Graal Cloud Native applications in production on Oracle Cloud with full commercial support at no additional charge.

Learn about Graal Cloud Native

What is Graal Cloud Native?

Graal Cloud Native is a build of a curated set of Micronaut framework modules for building portable cloud-native microservices that can be compiled ahead-of-time by GraalVM Native Image.

GCN Module Guides

Graal Cloud Native modules provide platform-independent support for a collection of core cloud services including object storage, secret management, streaming, and more. Use the guides to learn about each module.

Try a Hands-on Lab!

Learn how to build cloud-portable Java applications that use Oracle Cloud services with Micronaut and Graal Cloud Native.

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