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Use cases


Autonomous Database Select Al

Automatically translate natural language into database queries to analyze data and get quick insights about your business.

Get started with MySQL HeatWave Machine Learning

Learn how to build a predictive machine learning model using MySQL HeatWave’s in-database machine learning capabilities.

Build a machine learning sandbox on Oracle Cloud

This architecture shows a sample sandbox with several machine learning environments installed on a single compute instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Build a chatbot that implements active listening Learn more about ML/AI

Learn about implementing active listening in a chatbot skill

Getting Started with Computer Vision using PyTorch

Explore how to train a model using CPUs and update code to utilize GPU resources.

Speed up Data Science with the Accelerated Data Science SDK

Explore concepts used in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science service to speed up your workflow and make you more productive.

Build your Own Object Detection Solution

Explore the computer vision technique capabilities of identifying and detecting multiple objects of multiple categories in image and video data.

Time Series Forecasting with FB Prophet

Learn how to create time series models in the OCI Data Science platform and forecasting with FB Prophet.

Deploy an Apache Spark cluster in manager/worker mode

Apache Spark is an open-source, cluster-computing framework for data analytics. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a reliable, high-performance platform for running and managing your Apache Spark-based Big Data applications.

Web Apps

Deploy Oracle JET app to the Container Instances

Deploy a Preact and JET client-side application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using Docker.

Install WordPress on Oracle Linux with MySQL database

Learn how to install WordPress Content Management System on Oracle Linux with Oracle MySQL Database Service

Install Apache and PHP on an Oracle Linux instance

In this tutorial, you use an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier account to set up an Oracle Linux instance. Then, you install an Apache web server and PHP and access your new server from the internet.

Install Drupal CMS on Oracle Linux with MySQL database

Use this workshop as a starting point and have a complete installation built on top of Oracle Linux and Oracle MySQL Database Service.

Deploy a microservices-based RESTful Java application into a Kubernetes cluster

Organizations need to develop cloud-native applications that use microservices. Learn the steps necessary to package, containerize, and then deploy a RESTful microservices application to Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Configure SSO between web applications and Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides single sign-on (SSO) capability across both on-premises and cloud applications and services, giving your users convenient access to the applications they need while maintaining the security that your enterprise requires.


Speed up your application release cycle with DevOPS and Kubernetes

Utilize an existing micro services app that is being built and deployed with automated scripts and experience the benefits of fully automated app delivery in the cloud.

Deploy a microservices-based application into a Kubernetes cluster

Learn about deploying a RESTful Java Application to Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes.

Setup a CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployments

Learn how to deploy a sample web application as part of Ci/CD pipeline leveraging GitHub and web hooks integration with Jenkins.

Creating Microservices with Helidon MP and Docker

Explore modernizing an existing application to cloud-native architectures and packaging to a Docker image using ATP, Helidon, and Docker.

Containerized Development with Docker on Autonomous Database

Explore managing and deploying a docker container running the Oracle database and a container application.

Get Started with Podman

Get started using Podman on Oracle Linux 8. Learn how to install Podman, pull an image from a repository, and use the image to run a container.

Use Storage with Podman Containers

Learn how to use different container storage types to access the host filesystem, or persist files with Podman.

Get started with Graph Analytics on Oracle Autonomous Database

Use Graph analytics and visualization to detect potentially fraudulent money transfers.


Low Code eSports Analytics with Oracle Resource Manager and APEX

Deploy data ingestion infrastructure and a low code app through Oracle Resource Manager for EA Sports F1 racing game data collector and create a visually appealing leaderboard for your eSports data.

Analyze data at-scale in object storage with MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

Query hundreds of terabytes of data in the object store in a variety of file formats – all using standard SQL syntax, and without data leaving object storage!

Red Bull Racing Honda Win: Develop an interactive Map of a Racetrack with GeoJSON

Learn how to create GeoJSON LineString and Point map layers.

Learn Analytics and Machine Learning with SailGP

Explore Analytics and Machine Learning with real-life data from SailGP.

NBA What-If Analysis: Optimize your Game Strategy

Discover “what-if” scenario testing in Oracle Analytics Cloud with real-life NBA game data.


Deploy an event-triggered serverless application

Learn how to use Oracle Functions in OCI. Developers can use Functions to write and deploy code that delivers business value without worrying about provisioning or managing the underlying infrastructure. Includes Terraform code for this reference architecture available on GitHub.

Automate loading data to a data warehouse using a serverless application

Learn how to extract data from various databases or applications and load it into a Data Warehouse. Automate this process on OCI using Cloud Storage, Cloud Events, Functions and Autonomous Data Warehouse. Tutorial describes the implementation of use case with code to deploy reference architecture available on GitHub.

Implement a SIEM system using serverless pipeline and Splunk

Detect, prevent, and respond to threats to your cloud deployments by setting up an efficient SIEM system that analyzes logs generated by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Audit service.

Enterprise Applications

Extend SaaS applications with a cloud native approach

Learn How to Extend SaaS Applications With a Cloud Native Approach.

Simplify Microservices with Converged Oracle Database

Modernize and simplify your data-driven applications with microservices architecture using Database Cloud and Helidon on OCI.

Deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana

Elasticsearch is an open source, enterprise-grade search engine. Accessible through an extensive API, Elasticsearch can power quick searches that support your data discovery applications.

Deploy a highly available Microsoft SQL Server database

Deploy Microsoft SQL Server Always On availability groups on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to take advantage of the built-in redundancy and resiliency features of Oracle Cloud.

Acquire knowledge on federated SSO

The architecture for federated single sign-on (SSO) for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure depends on whether the identity provider is Oracle Identity Cloud Service or an identity provider outside Oracle Cloud.

Modernize Enterprise Java Apps using Weblogic and Helidon Microservices

Explore how Weblogic Apps and Helidon Microservices can interoperate.

Modernize and Extend Legacy Apps in the Oracle Cloud

Transform monolithic applications into microservice based applications leveraging Low Code development tools.

MySQL Database Service Jumpstart Guide

Explore the powerful union between MySQL Enterprise Edition and OCI, install and manage MDS.