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Getting started with Microservices

Microservices are an architectural approach to develop modern software. Each core function, or service, represents a related business context that is built and deployed independently. Microservices provide agility in building and maintaining applications and represent a contrast to the monolithic approach followed in legacy software development. Application modernization today is synonymous with Microservices.

In learning more about Microservices, you will see the contrast with monolithic architectures, considerations for adopting microservices architecture, communication mechanisms, 12-factor deployment methodology, deployment in Kubernetes, data-persistence, service mesh, and best practices for designing microservices.

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Benefits of Microservices

Simplified deployment

Accelerate time to market for new features by enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment supporting blue-green deployment models for services.

Scale performance on demand

Scale services containers or data platforms independently per service to meet the demand of that feature.

Highly available by design

Replace or retire independent services without impacting the entire application, individual service failures are gracefully handled by degrading service, rather than crashing the entire application

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Oracle Converged Database Advantage

An important aspect for data-driven microservices is the deployment of the data management platform to deploy a variety of data types, support multiple databases in a container, and offer autonomous management capabilities. Oracle's Autonomous database on OCI provides ease of deployment for building intelligent data-driven microservices.

Achieve transaction consistency across microservices based applications

Achieve transaction consistency across microservices based applications

Oracle Transaction Manager for Microservices (MicroTx) simplifies application development and operations by enabling distributed transactions to ensure consistency across polyglot microservices deployed in Kubernetes and/or other environments

Microservices Customer Successes

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