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Relive the best of CloudWorld 2022

CloudWorld 2022 was a whirlwind of learning, networking, and fun. You can still remember top moments and capture learning opportunities with on-demand videos. Choose from conference highlights, main stage keynotes, solution keynotes, and hundreds of sessions—all optimized for digital viewing and easily accessible on Oracle’s YouTube channel.



Check out our archived and live Webcasts, where you can learn how to use OCI services without leaving the comfort of the couch or standing desk.

Cloud coaching

Need a little extra help? Our Cloud Coaches are highly skilled developers, ready to assist you in your Oracle Cloud development journey.

Developer Lighthouse Program

Move from the beginning of their OCI journey and jumpstart their transition to cloud native application development. This involves customized training and discovery sessions.

Oracle Developer Live

Online and free, Oracle Developer Live is a series of virtual events that feature keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, and panels and participation in a live Q&A with experts.

Developer community forums

They say many hands make light work, which is why forums are so valuable to developers. We hear you! Literally, in fact, as we all work together on solutions to issues that come up in the day-to-day world of creating great software and services.


The most up-to-the-minute thoughts and solutions from our stable of coders and writers. You may just find the solution to that nagging problem, or a completely wild new idea!

Developers Blogs

Our developers aren’t just pouring their hearts into their code, they’re spilling their thoughts on these blog pages, with useful how-to’s, important notes, and even the occasional “mad scientist” project for you to try.

OCI Blog

What’s the latest news on features in the world of OCI? Here’s your source, not just of news but explanations that make sense of new features and how you can use them in your own work.

Developer Blogs on Medium

We want to be where the people are, and Medium is an engaged community of writers and developers. Our wildest of ideas and simplest how-to’s often find a home on Medium, worth a look if you’re new to OCI or a longtime user.

Developer podcasts

Want more content? Podcasts are a pleasant way to wile away the hours, and we hope you’ll spend some time kicking back with some of our developer-focused casts.

Oracle Community for Developers 02

Digital Impact

We’ll talk capabilities, projects, and emerging trends from Oracle. Whether you’re an IT manager or a developer you will hear insights and interviews from Oracle experts.

Oracle Community for Developers 03

Duke's Corner

Informal conversations with Java developers around the world. Share your expertise, discover new solutions, grow your network. You will find fellow enthusiasts here.

Oracle Community for Developers 04

Inside Java Podcast

Java Developers brought to you directly from the people that make Java at Oracle. We'll discuss the language, the JVM, OpenJDK, platform security and everything in between.


Built & Deployed

Just for devs like you, this podcast is on the irreverent side, but with deep understanding of what developers need in their work, and how to build those things together.

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