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Build with Rust on Oracle Cloud

Rust is an open source, general-purpose programming language. Much like the Oracle Cloud, it is optimized for safety, concurrency, and speed. Rust offers low-level memory access and can be used for systems programming. It also has a rich set of built-in types and interfaces allowing for code organization and reuse typically associated with higher-level languages.

Rust Articles

Getting Started with Rust on OCI

Kick the tires a bit by deploying a simple Rust-based web application on an OCI Compute instance. This can be done with the Always Free Tier so, no cost to give it a try!

Rust: Safe, Fast, Manageable

Learn why Rust on OCI helps simplify the task of developing secure, highly-performant, scalable applications.

Building an API in Rust to run on OCI

In this tutorial you’ll build a small API microservice using Rust. The API will simulate an online bookstore where you can add, retrieve, and remove books with ease. As an added bonus, Dockerize the API to simplify future deployments.

Using Rust with Sibyl to connect to your Oracle database

Sibyl makes it so simple to connect your Rust apps to an Oracle database back end. How simple, you ask?

Rust Resources

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