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Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

IDEs combine various capabilities needed for writing computer programs, including editing, building, testing, and packaging applications. Oracle provides extensions and built-in integrations for popular IDEs to improve developer productivity when working with Oracle technologies and Oracle Cloud.

Visual Studio Code logo

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has become the most dominant free IDE in recent years with an upstream Open-Source edition. VS Code has a common foundation with Eclipse Theia and several other IDEs. VS Code has a substantial marketplace of extensions.


As VS Code restricts marketplace access from other IDEs even though many plugins are free and compatible, the Eclipse Foundation has made a registry of compliant downloadable plugins available at the Open VSX Registry.

Oracle supported plugins

Oracle supports VS Code with a broad range of plugins either as part of open-source contributions to projects or through product team development. The following are the plugins that we currently actively support:

OCI Toolkit for VS Code

This extension provides a rich set of tools to support working OCI from an interactive CLI to supporting developing and deploying resources for Function to Data Science.

Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code (SQL and PLSQL)

This extension enables editing and execution of SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle JET Core

This extension provides custom HTML data and snippet support for Oracle JET open-source UI framework.

MySQL Shell for VS Code

This extension enables interactive editing and execution of SQL for MySQL Databases and the MySQL Database Service. It integrates the MySQL Shell directly into VS Code development workflows.

Oracle NoSQL Database Connector

Oracle NoSQL database connector to browse tables and run queries against the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service, Oracle NoSQL Database on-premises or to the Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator.

Helidon Build Tools

Helidon is an open-source Microprofile-compliant framework.

GraalVM tools for Java

This bundles up a number of plugins that support Java on GraalVM including:

  • Installation manager
  • Ahead-of-time and Just-in-time Graal compilers
  • Debugger for native images
  • Support for Micronaut
Eclipse logo


Eclipse IDE is strongly associated with Java (for all its profiles) but it also provides a foundation that supports many other languages, both open and proprietary, through its extensive plugin framework built using OSGI. The Eclipse Foundation was originally created by IBM, with Oracle and Microsoft as strategic members. Oracle remains an active member of the Foundation and contributor.

Oracle supported plugins

The Eclipse marketplace is the central repository for all the plugins for the Eclipse IDE. Oracle has contributed a number of plugins, and there are more that work with Oracle technologies from partners and the community.

Oracle Database Tools

Support for exploring, creating or generating, and manipulating Oracle database schemas and data along with tooling for data loading and extraction.

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

This plugin brings together a number of plugins for Eclipse supporting cloud and deployable applications.

OCI Toolkit for Eclipse

Plugin for OCI cloud services including OCI Storage, Compute and Database.

Coherence Eclipse Plugin

Tooling to help accelerate development with Coherence, instrumenting classes to generate serialization that supports Coherence portable objects.

Oracle WebLogic Server Tools

Tools for developing applications for Oracle WebLogic Server.

GlassFish Tools

Tools to support development against the GlassFish J2EE server.

Apache NetBeans logo


Multi-language IDE (Java (SE and EE), JavaScript, PHP, C/C++ and more). Oracle donated to Apache Software Foundation in 2016, and continues to be an active contributor as can be seen here.

Netbean incorporates within its core many features that allow developers to work with Oracle technologies.

Jdeveloper logo


JDeveloper is a free IDE that simplifies the development of Java-based applications addressing every step of the application lifecycle. JDeveloper offers complete end-to-end development for Oracle's platform and Oracle's applications.