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Build with Python on Oracle Cloud

Intuitive and powerful, Python is the perfect match for OCI. Check out these resources to get started on your next ML project, build an app, or extend the functionality of your cloud instance.

Python and Machine Learning

Time Series Forecasting with FB Prophet

Explore and visualize the data, build a time series model and analyze the performance.

Connect Data Flow PySpark apps to ADB in OCI

Learn how to access Autonomous DB from your PySpark app.

OCI SDK and DB Extensions

Concurrent Python Programming with python-oracledb and asyncio

Learn how to write asynchronous programs with the python-oracledb interface for Oracle Database.

Developing Python Applications for Oracle Autonomous Database

Learn how to connect Python applications to Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) using the python-oracledb interface.

Getting started with Functions and CLI

Getting Started with OCI Functions using CLI.

How to connect to Oracle Autonomous Cloud Databases

Learn how to use an Oracle DB wallet to connect from Python, Node.js, PHP, Ruby and Go.

Getting started with Functions with Cloud Shell

Getting Started with OCI Functions using CloudShell.

Call Functions using API Gateway

Learn how to call a function in OCI Functions using the API Gateway.

Validate an API Key using functions and API Gateway

Learn how to validate a function in OCI Functions using the API Gateway.

Getting started with data build tool (dbt) for ADB

dbt-oracle is an open source python package which implements data build tool (dbt) functionalities for the Oracle Database. It seamlessly integrates with ADB

Python Apps on OCI

Deploy Python a Web Application on OKE via Cloud Shell

Deploy a Python web application on OKE via Cloud Shell.

Run a Flask web application on OCI VM

Deploy a Ubuntu VM on OCI and setup Flask, a lightweight web application framework for Python.


Additional Python Resources