Accelerate and analyze MySQL data—all in one cloud service

Needing separate tools for analytics and machine learning (ML) hinders productivity. With MySQL HeatWave, you can run OLTP, OLAP, and ML in a single database with blazing speed.

Interview with MySQL HeatWave Product Manager Mandy Pang

Watch as Erin Dawson, DevRel Communications Manager, sits down with Mandy Pang, senior principal product manager, to discuss what MySQL HeatWave does and what sets it apart from other database services.

MySQL HeatWave Migration Program

Confidently migrate to MySQL HeatWave using a proven end-to-end approach. Access free step-by-step guides outlining best practices and technical training resources, as well as expert guidance from Oracle engineers and Oracle partners.


Explore resources to walk you through each step of your MySQL HeatWave journey. Learn how to add a HeatWave cluster to your MySQL database, discover best practices for configuration and optimization, and more.


If you haven't heard, MySQL HeatWave is available on AWS. To learn how to use the service on AWS, check out these screencasts and tutorials.


Delivering real-time analytics with MySQL HeatWave is a game changer. You'll also want to use it with other services—check out how with these resources.

Hands-on labs

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Get started with MySQL HeatWave and feel the difference

Let's start at the beginning. Learn how to spin up a MySQL HeatWave cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Deploy and configure MySQL HeatWave to run analytics

Explore how to deploy and configure MySQL HeatWave to run analytics workloads on OCI.

Cloud native analytics using open source tools with MySQL HeatWave

Modernize your cloud native analytics solution using MySQL HeatWave with an open source tech stack.

Turbocharge business insights with MySQL HeatWave

Explore MySQL HeatWave in a hands-on lab.

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