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Getting started with Low Code

Low Code, high functionality.

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Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX empowers developers across the world to more easily build data-centric web apps with superior functionality, performance, and end-user experience, and with minimal coding.

Accelerate Development

Is there an effective way to wash your hands after they've been mired in code all day? Luckily for you, you won't need to find out. APEX's drag-and-drop approach to development liberates you to make data-centric decisions and easily create an intuitive UI for your users.

Simplify Deployment

Give your mouse (and index finger) a break by packaging your APEX app into a single file. By using included tools, you can seamlessly integrate APEX into your continuous integration environment without any fuss.

Lower Maintenance

APEX’s structured development environment enables you to foster a self-documenting and consistent approach to that amazing app you’re working on. Rather than maintaining changes across components, APEX can free up time to maintain your sanity.

Low Code tutorials

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Building an App from a Spreadsheet for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Service

Create an application in minutes by simply uploading a spreadsheet!

Building a Movies Watchlist Application

Create an app for you and your friends to search for movies and create personal watchlists, joining REST Data Sources with local tables.

Build a Starter Online Shopping App

Build a shopping cart app while you learn and explore different APEX Components.

Building a Proof-of-Concept for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services

Build an APEX app from a napkin design on ADB using QuickSQL.

Building an App using REST Data Sources for Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services

Create REST enabled database objects and then use those REST endpoints as the basis for Web Source Modules within an application.

APEX + Server-Side JavaScript Workshop

Explore using In-Database Server-Side JavaScript in Oracle APEX applications.

Low Code videos

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Lowcode Preview example

Low-Code Application Development with New Oracle APEX Service

Lowcode Preview example 02

Create App From a File Using Oracle APEX

Lowcode Preview example 03

Creating an application on existing tables

Lowcode Preview example 04

Defining new data structures using Quick SQL

Lowcode Preview example 05

Oracle APEX Guided Tour

Lowcode Preview example 06

Intro to Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX

Lowcode Preview example 07

Intro to Faceted Search in Oracle APEX

Lowcode Preview example 08

Intro to Calendars in Oracle APEX

Lowcode Preview example 09

Intro to Master-Detail Pages in Oracle APEX

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