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Getting started with JavaScript

Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) empowers developers by providing a modular open source toolkit based on modern JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 design and development principles.


With an asynchronous, event-driven I/O model, Node.js is efficient, scalable, and offers many benefits for enterprise developers. Check out the resources below for examples.

JavaScript In The Database

If you wish to use the database's full potential rather than just its persistence layer you almost inevitably end up storing code together with data it processes. Performance, scalability, security, and many other aspects can benefit greatly from such an approach. In addition to Java and PL/SQL you can now use JavaScript as a server-side programming language.

Extend Node.js Application with GraalVM

Run the GraalVM with Node.js by replacing V8 with GraalVM for executing JavaScript. It enables polyglot applications (e.g., use Java, R, or Python libraries), running Node.js with large heap configurations and Java's garbage collectors, or using GraalVM's interoperability to define data structures in C/C++ in order to use them from JavaScript.

A Modular Toolkit for JavaScript

JavaScript developers looking for a modular toolkit can turn to Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) for a collection of open source and Oracle-contributed JavaScript libraries for building client-side apps.

Visual Development for JS Developers

Professional JavaScript developers are increasingly interested in the efficiency of a visual development experience. Below are resources to work in a low-code environment while maintaining the option to get hands-on with the code when needed.

Build Serverless Apps with Node.js

Serverless functions-as-a-service technologies, such as the open source Fn Project, let developers focus on code without worrying about infrastructure concerns like scaling, patching, and high availability. Fn supports Node.js—one of the most popular runtimes for developing serverless functions-based applications. Upload your Node.js function code and let Fn execute it in response to events.