What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of two functions: development (Dev) and operations (Ops). It is about connecting people, products, and processes to increase the velocity of development and delivery of applications.

Cloud Services for DevOps

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) developer services and tools automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC), infrastructure operations, observability, and messaging for developers. Developers can use CI/CD build and deploy pipelines to make DevOps a reality in their organizations.

OCI DevOps service

A complete CI/CD platform

Devo Icon Devops Data

Resource Manager

Terraform as a service for infrastructure automation


Monitor your cloud resources using the Metrics and Alarms features


A centralized logging platform for all types of logs, such as audit, infrastructure, database, and applications, that are needed for DevOps

Logging Analytics

Collect, aggregate, and analyze logs from any source across on-premises, Oracle Cloud, and third-party clouds


Pub/sub service to send notifications for alarms and events

Email Delivery

Reliably and securely send application-generated, transactional, and bulk emails

Application Performance Monitoring

Provides end-to-end visibility and diagnosis across the entire IT environment

Service Connector Hub

A central place for describing, executing, and monitoring data movement between services such as Logging, Object Storage, and Event Streaming

Cloud Shell

A web browser-based Linux shell terminal accessible from the Oracle Cloud Console for running CLI commands

Visual Builder Studio

Rapidly create and extend applications using a visual development environment with integrated agile and collaborative development, version control, and continuous delivery automation.

DevOps Tools and Plugins

These open-source tools enable DevOps automation, made easier with integrations to managed cloud services.

DevOps Videos

Devops Product Preview
OCI DevOps: A complete CI/CD platform
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