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Our mission is to empower developers and support open source technologies. Everyone is invited — let’s collaborate together!

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Featured open-source projects

Open-source projects and software are solutions built with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Oracle invests significant resources to develop, test, optimize, and support Open-Source technologies, so developers have more choice and flexibility as they build and deploy cloud-based applications and services.

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High-performance Polyglot VM.


Open-source implementation of the Java Platform.


The world's most popular open source database.

Oracle Linux

An open and complete operating environment.


Lightweight. Fast. Crafted for Microservices.


Feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers.


A wicked fast source browser.


Machine learning library in Java.


All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool.

What’s new

Kubernetes Cluster API for OCI

Create and manage Kubernetes clusters on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Cluster API.

GraalVM 22.2 is here!

Smaller JDK size, improved memory usage, better library support, and more!

New Tribuo clustering tutorial

Guide to find clusters and outliers using a toy dataset.

Collaborating to drive the industry forward

We participate in a number of industry organizations that develop and promote open-source projects, develop industry and language standards, and drive the adoption of new technologies.

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