Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an integrated set of cloud services that enable you to build and run a wide range of applications and services within a highly available hosted environment. Get started with our Cloud Infrastructure, which offers high-performance compute capabilities and storage capacity in a flexible and secure virtual network that is accessible from your on-premises architecture.

OCI Quickstarts

Deploy solutions on Oracle cloud infrastructure quickly and easily.

Create your own web presence with WordPress

Learn about various resources and services in Oracle cloud infrastructure, while deploying a fully functional WordPress.

Create APEX application development environment

Learn how to create a low code application development environment to rapidly build and deploy applications on OCI.

Create a continuous integration environment

Learn how to set up and use Jenkins to automate your build and deployment processes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

What can I do – Cloud Use Cases

Get the most out of Oracle Cloud.

Try a hands-on lab

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Dynamically use Instance principals to provide API access to services running on your compute instance without configuring user credentials.

Set up a virtual cloud network (VCN)

Overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Networking.

Accessing the OCI API using instance principals

Learn how to call OCI APIs.

Working with OCI Object Storage

Publish your first HTML page on Object Storage.

Control access to Object Storage

Control access to your data stored on Object Storage buckets.

High-availability architecture in and across regions

Build high-available web services with balanced traffic on multiple regions.

Create custom Compute images

Save time by customizing your VM catalog.

Autoscale your workloads

Maintain optimal availability and performance with metrics-based dynamic scaling.

Web application load balancing

Learn about the inner workings of layer 4 and layer 7 load balancing capabilities.

Developer Events

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Terraforming the Cloud with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager

Learn how to script a web application with Terraform and use Resource Manager to deploy to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Join this webcast to discover practical, in-the-field techniques of infra as a code.

Microservices Distributed Tracing: From Traces to Operational Insights

Learn how to implement Opentracing in your microservices deployment, extend the coverage to older legacy java components, and use the trace data for diagnostics, monitoring, planning, and reporting.