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Open Source Innovation, Enterprise Ready

Announcing Offline Persistence Toolkit for JavaScript Client Applications.


Open Source Projects on GitHub

Go to where the action is for Oracle open source projects by accessing these efforts on GitHub. Or, you can access open source resources directly from Get the code and community you need to make progress.


Open Source Community Support

Oracle contributes as a leader and as a worker bee to open source communities. Oracle is a supporting member of the Linux Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, and the Java Community Process. And Oracle employees contribute to efforts ranging from Java and Linux to Kubernetes and Fn.


High-performance Polyglot VM

GraalVM is a universal virtual machine for running applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, JVM-based languages like Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, and LLVM-based languages such as C and C++.


MySQL: The Open Source Database Leader

MySQL: The Open Source Database Leader



With more than 9 million developers worldwide, Java lets you build and deploy the exciting applications you want to create. And cloud-based resources help you do it better and faster.


FN: Container-Native Serverless Platform

Fn is a serverless platform that runs in the cloud or on premises—anywhere you can run a Docker container. Developers can use any language, since containers provide Fn's foundation.


Oracle Linux

Oracle is a platinum member of the Linux Foundation and was a founding member since day one. Oracle participates in a number of other Linux Foundation projects, including the Open Container Initiative (OCI), Xen Project, Hyplerledger, Automotive Grade Linux, and the R Consortium.


Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a general-purpose virtualization tool for x86 hardware targeted at server, desktop, and embedded use. It’s available under a GNU General Public License.


Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Kubernetes’ popularity for container orchestration shows the larger demand for more cloud-neutral technologies. Oracle supports the Kubernetes project with development resources and offers a cloud-based service for companies to more efficiently put the open-source innovation to use.


Oracle JET for JavaScript

For developers working in JavaScript, Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) offers a modular toolkit based on a collection of open source libraries and code. The toolkit gives developers the power they need to meet the challenges of building client-side applications in enterprise environments.


Java EE: An Open Source Transition

The latest version of Java EE continues to improve the API and programming models modern developers need to build enterprise-ready applications. In addition, Java EE is moving to the open source community as a project governed by the Eclipse Foundation.


NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) provides developers worldwide a powerful pathway into the Java ecosystem. The IDE, long available as open source code, is transitioning to governance as a project under the Apache Software Foundation.


Java Libraries for Microservices

Project Helidon is a set of Java libraries for writing microservices. Its libraries interoperate with popular cloud-native toolings such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, and Etc. Try the Getting Started at and have your own microservice running in a container in minutes.



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