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Leading with Open Source and Cloud Native

Announcing 3 new contributions to show our continued commitment to open source

Open Source in our DNA

  • #1 contributor to Linux Kernel
  • 80%+ contributions to OpenJDK

Cloud that is open by design

  • OCI is built on open source and CNCF technologies
  • Enable workloads and apps to run on OCI and other clouds

Continued commitment to Open Source

  • Continued adoption of latest CNCF technologies
  • New contributions to Open source at KubeCon 2023

Open source at Oracle

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1400+ repositories


~3200 PRs / month

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5000+ contributors

Oracle's contributions to the open source community

We announced key contributions to the open source community aimed at accelerating the adoption of cloud native computing and collaboration across the open source ecosystem

$3 Million Arm based Cloud Credits Per Year For CNCF Projects

Oracle was one of the first cloud services providers to globally deploy Arm-based compute using Ampere Altra processors, and now goes even further

Open sourcing Jipher for FIPS regulated environments

We announced our plans to open source Jipher, a JCE provider for FIPS environments designed for security and performance at KubeCon North America 2023

What’s new

What's New in Oracle Open Source

Oracle is involved in many major open-source projects, organizations, and initiatives. Learn about our new projects and recent releases from the past six months.

Database Toolkits

Kubernetes Operator for Oracle Database and starters for Spring Boot Backend

Oracle Database examples

Try our examples for working with Oracle Database for Java, Python, APEX, and more

Kasten K10 support for Data Protection of OKE

OCI furthers our mission to ensure our customers can safely back up their containerized workloads as well as recover them quickly and reliably.

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