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Developer Videos

Interviews and presentations on key development trends.


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Thread Safety with Phaser

Dr. Heinz M Kabutz, Java Specialists’ Newsletter

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Java SE, Today and Tomorrow

Donald Smith, Senior Director of Java Platform Group, Oracle

Im Telling You for the Last Time

Exceptions: I’m Telling You for the Last Time

Elliotte Harold

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Deep Learning in Action for Java Developers DL4J,Tensorflow

Suyash Joshi, Oracle Cloud Developer Advocate, Oracle

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Serverless Java—Challenges and Triumphs

David Delabassee, Software Evangelist, Oracle

Other Languages & Frameworks

Polymorphic Table Functions Thumbnail

Polymorphic Table Functions in PL/SQL

Chris Saxon, Database Developer Advocate, Oracle

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GraalVM: A Multilingual, Efficient, Secure, and Embeddable Virtual Machine

Kevin Menard, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

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FullStack Reactive with Spring and Angular

Loiane Groner, Business Analyst Developer, Citibank

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Spearheading the Future of Programming

Chris Saxon, Developer Advocate, Oracle

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How to Find Patterns in Your Data with SQL

Chris Saxon, Developer Advocate, Oracle


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Modern Encryption Enables Testing with Real Data on Oracle Autonomous Database

Simon Bain, CTO, ShieldIO

Cloning videos

Cloning Your Autonomous Database

Tammy Bednar, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

Using MySQL as a Document Store with Native APIs

Philip Antoniades, Senior Director MySQL Sales Consulting, Oracle

Database In-Memory and JSON Performance

Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager, Oracle
Andy Rivenes, Database In-Memory Product Manager, Oracle

Input and Output type Handlers image

Output and Input Type Handlers for cx_Oracle

Anthony Tuininga, Creator and maintainer of cx_Oracle, Oracle
Christopher Jones, Product Manager, Oracle
Blaine Carter, Evangelist, Oracle

Change your JSON image

Updating JSON the Oracle Way

Beda Hammerschmidt, Consulting Members of Technical Staff, Oracle
Josh Spiegel, Consulting Members of Technical Staff, Oracle

Cloud Native and Containers

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Molecula and Oracle Cloud Native Services

Akshai Parthasarathy, Product Marketing, Oracle
Higinio Maycotte, CEO, Molecula

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Microservices Essentials: Kubernetes and Eco system, Data and Transaction Patterns

Paul Parkinson, Data and Transaction Processing Dev Lead, Oracle
Kuassi Mensah, Director of Product Management, Oracle

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Docker Best Practices for MicroServices

Thomas Broell, Principal Consultant, Trivadis

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Integration Testing with Docker and Testcontainers

Kevin Wittek, CEO, Styracosoft GbR

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Easy Microservices in the Cloud with Kubernetes and Istio

Sendil Kumar, Senior full stack engineer, Xebialabs

Mobile and Chatbots

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Making First Contact: Building Chatbots with Oracle Digital Assistant Technical Primer

Grant Ronald, Director of Product Management, Oracle

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Real-time Insights to Build Better Digital Assistants and Chatbots Faster

Srikant Subramaniam, Product Management of Oracle AI Bots and Mobile, Oracle

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Clouds in My Coffee - Java on Mobile for IOS and Android with Cloud Data

Paul Anderson, President, Anderson Software Group, Inc.
Gail Anderson, Research Director, Anderson Software Group, Inc.