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Deploy WebLogic App to the Cloud

Try a self-guided lab to deploy a WebLogic Java application and database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Develop Java Apps in the Cloud

Building, deploying and migrating Oracle WebLogic applications is faster, easier, and more secure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You can modernize your on-premises Java applications by deploying them in the cloud or by bringing your development and testing environments to the cloud.

Learn how to quickly create a WebLogic domain, connect it to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database and a load balancer, and deploy a sample application in just a few minutes. This lab will guide you through the steps to create a WebLogic for OCI Instance as a VM using an image from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, using the JRF option to connect it to ATP, set up all the networking and security, and deploy a sample application with Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Proficiency level: OCI beginner familiar with WebLogic
Time to complete: 70 minutes
Cost: Free Tier eligible


Technologies used:
WebLogic for OCI 
Autonomous Transaction Processing database
Load balancer
OCI Vault


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What you’ll learn

  • Create a WebLogic for OCI Instance using a Oracle Cloud Marketplace VM image
  • Connect an ATP database to the OCI Stack
  • Deploy a sample ADF application


In this lab, we will spin up a simple configuration of WebLogic, composed of the following elements:

  • A single WebLogic JRF-enabled domain, composed of two managed servers and an admin server, running on two compute nodes, each one in a different availability domain (AD) to ensure high availability.
  • A load balancer in front of these servers.
  • An Autonomous Database that will be used for both the WebLogic repository as well as the application database of the ADF application we will deploy.
  • A virtual network with public subnets and an internet gateway to access the setup from the internet.

Here is what you'll be doing

Deploy a WebLogic application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Step 1. Setup the Environment
Create a compartment, set up a vault with an administrator password, and spin up an Autonomous Database.
Est. Time: 20 minutes

Step 2. Create WebLogic for OCI Stack
Use the WebLogic Marketplace wizard to define your configuration and kick off the creation of the infrastructure with Resource Manager.
Est. Time: 25 minutes

Step 3. Change Load Balancer Cookie Persistence Type
Change the default configuration of the load balancer to enable the ADF application session persistence.
Est. Time: 15 minutes

Step 4. Deploy Sample ADF Application
Access the WebLogic Admin Console and manually deploy an ADF application on the cluster.
Est. Time: 15 minutes