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Create Apps from a Spreadsheet

Try a 10-minute tutorial to transform a spreadsheet into an application using Oracle APEX.

Use data to generate your app

Spreadsheets are useful tools to organize data, perform calculations and create charts, but what if many users need to enter, update and retrieve data? Or what if you need to give customers, suppliers or partners access to the data? Inevitably you will have challenges with version and access control.


Rather than sharing spreadsheets with others to gather or distribute information, with Oracle APEX Application Development, you can create a spreadsheet-based web app in minutes without writing any code. The result will be a secure, scalable, multi-user application that provides a single source of truth for your data.

Proficiency level: Beginner citizen developer or professional developer
Time to complete: 10 minutes
Cost: Free Tier eligible

Technologies used:
Oracle APEX Application Development

Get help:
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What you’ll learn

  • Upload your spreadsheet to a secure database and auto-generate your first application
  • Provide users with an easy way to find data using Faceted Search
  • Enhance the report and customize the form layout
  • Update the Calendar to enable data entry

Here is what you'll be doing

Create Your App in 10 Minutes

Setup: Creating Your APEX Environment - 5 minutes
Create an APEX service instance and APEX workspace for your team.

Lab 1: Creating an App from a Spreadsheet - 5 minutes
Upload data from a spreadsheet and automatically create a project application that displays the data in a variety of ways.

Enhance your app (Optional)

Lab 2: Improving the Faceted Search - 10 minutes
Give your users the ability to find data based on facets, which are different types of criteria that you define.

Lab 3: Improving the Report and Form - 20 minutes
Use filters and calculations to view report data in different ways. Link to a form where you can change application data.

Lab 4: Linking the Calendar - 5 minutes
Create a calendar event link to a form where you can manipulate data.