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Learn to build microservices on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Try a self-guided lab to deploy an event-driven, Kubernetes-based, microservices Java application.


Microservices and event-driven workflows are popular for creating and running highly scalable applications that are tolerant of inconsistent network latencies and potential failures in long-running activities. These applications generate large data streams which need to be processed, stored, analyzed securely, and at scale.

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) for creating and deploying a front-end Helidon application which accesses the backend Oracle Autonomous Database (ATP).


What you’ll learn:

  • Set up a highly scalable microservices and event-driven backend environment
  • Deploy and monitor a basic Java-based transactional application

Proficiency level: Beginner
Time to complete: 60 minutes
Cost: Free Tier eligible

Technologies used:
Oracle Autonomous Database

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Build Microservices Tutorial Preview 01


This application relies on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes to build, deploy, and manage the Helidon and WebLogic front-end microservices that interact through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Broker, JMS, and Kafka streaming platform with the back-end datastores deployed as Oracle pluggable databases inside Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.

Here is what you'll be doing

Create Your App

Setup: Creating your microservices environment

  • Deploy OCI, Oracle Container Engine, and ATP through automation stack
  • Setup Cloud Shell
  • Build Docker images and deploy microservices
  • Setup database connection and AQ messaging

Lab 1: Deploying and testing an application
Deploy and run Java-based microservices transaction application

Enhance Your App (Optional)

Lab 2: Data-centric microservices walkthrough with Helidon MP
This lab will show you how to deploy and run data-centric microservices highlighting use of different data types, data and transaction patterns, and various Helidon MP features

Lab 3: Bring your own application
Deploy your own event-driven application to the environment