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Developing Microservices with Java

Helidon is a framework for developing microservices with Java. Watch Dmitry Aleksandrov, Oracle developer and member of the Helidon team, introduce and discuss Helidon at a recent Hackathon 2020 online event.

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Helidon Microservices

Workshop: Creating Microservices with Helidon MP and Docker on Oracle Cloud Infrastrucuture.

Micronaut Microservices

Workshop: Use Micronaut framework to build and deploy on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Serverless Functions

Oracle Cloud Functions allows you to create, scale functions without managing complex infrastructure.

Docker and Kubernetes

Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is an Oracle-managed container orchestration service that can reduce the time and cost to build modern cloud native applications.

Key Resources

Micronaut Projects on GitHub

Micronaut is a modern, JVM-based, full stack Java framework designed for building modular, easily testable JVM applications with support for Java, Kotlin and the Groovy language.

Project Helidon on GitHub

Project Helidon is a set of Java Libraries for writing microservices. Helidon supports two programming models:

  • Helidon MP: MicroProfile 3.3
  • Helidon SE: a small, functional style API

Coherence Community Edition on GitHub

Coherence CE (Community Edition) is a free and open source edition of Oracle Coherence, first and market-leading in-memory data grid.

Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator on GitHub

The Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator is available in open source and has several key features to assist you with deploying and managing WebLogic domains in a Kubernetes environment.

Project Verrazano on GitHub

Verrazzano is an end-to-end Enterprise Container Platform for deploying cloud-native and traditional applications in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Creating Cloud Native Apps on Oracle Cloud - MuShop

MuShop is a microservices demo application purpose-built to showcase interoperable Cloud Native services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and to demonstrate a number of cloud native methodologies.

Helidon Technical Brief

This technical brief provides an overview of the context, evolution, advantages, and uptake associated with Helidon, a cloud-native, open-source Java framework for writing microservices.


Java Cloud Product Preview with Description 01

Graeme Rocher's Keynote at Oracle Code

Graeme Rocher, Micronaut founder and Oracle Architect, discuss cloud native and Java technologies at Oracle Code Rome.

Java Cloud Product Preview with Description 02

Helidon Microservices Demo

This demo illustrates how to use Oracle's Project Helidon to generate a simple microservice and then enhance that microservice to illustrate several of the Eclipse MicroProfile technologies.

Java Cloud Product Preview with Description 03

Evolving Traditional Applications with Microservices

Build modern enterprise Java Applications for the cloud using Verrazano, an Enterprise Container Platform for deploying cloud-native and traditional applications in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Java Cloud Product Preview with Description 04

WebLogic Server on Kubernetes and CI/CD Deployments

This is the first of a three part series where we demonstrate an automated deployment of WebLogic on Kubernetes.

Case Studies

A Helidon Flight: Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform

Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform uses Helidon to implement a Java microservices architecture running on Kubernetes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, allowing hospitality industry software developers to discover, use, and publish REST and GraphQL APIs.

Oracle CX Industry Framework: A Helidon Flight (with Aerobatic Stunts!)

Helidon, an open-source library for Java microservices, powers the architecture of Oracle Customer Experience Industry Framework, which also uses GraalVM Native Image to create tiny executables for elastic provisioning in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes.

Helidon and WebLogic Integration in Oracle Communications Order and Service Management

Oracle Communications Order and Service Management has integrated Helidon and WebLogic Server in its system architecture, by JMS messaging and web service invocation, as part of its microservices journey enabling multi-site deployment by its customers.

Additional Resources