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Graal Cloud Native

Graal Cloud Native (GCN) is a full stack framework for building portable cloud-native applications using the Java ecosystem on top of managed services in the public cloud. GCN is built on top of the GraalVM native image, the Micronaut® framework, public cloud SDKs, popular drivers, and a set of open source libraries tested, certified, and supported by Oracle. Oracle has optimized this stack for native image as well as for cloud portability. With GCN, cloud users can focus less on language portability and more on portability across cloud vendors.

Benefits of Graal Cloud Native

Developer Productivity

Developer Productivity

Save time with out-of-the-box integrations and compile-time validation with common developer technologies.

Easily Leverage OCI Services

Easily Leverage Oracle Cloud Services

Micronaut® can inject Oracle Cloud services right into an application exactly where they are needed.

Start Fast

Start Fast with Fewer Required Resources

Graal Cloud Native applications compiled by GraalVM Native Image start up to 100x faster than when running on the JVM, operate at peak performance immediately, and require less memory and CPU.


Multicloud by Design

Deploy to different cloud providers with no code changes.

Get Started with Graal Cloud Native

Learn about Micronaut®

The Micronaut framework is modern, JVM-based and full-stack for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications.

Learn about GraalVM

A high-performance JDK distribution that increases application throughput, reduces latency, and compiles applications into small self-contained native binaries.

Try It!

Try out a workshop to build a portable, cloud-native Java application with Micronaut, GraalVM Native Image and MySQL Database service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Native—Learn why using Cloud Native with Oracle Cloud is such an easy choice.

MuShop: A Large Cloud Native Reference Application

MuShop for Micronaut, is a showcase using several Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services in a unified application. MuShop was originally written to demonstrate a variety of cloud services using multiple programming languages and frameworks. GCN has ported MuShop to use Java, the Micronaut® framework, and GraalVM Native Image to show that the GCN stack improves developer productivity, efficiency, and cloud portability.

MuShop it implements microservices compiled by GraalVM Native Image into native executables deployed to Kubernetes. MuShop, a reference to e-commerce, is composed of nine microservices. You can run MuShop locally using Oracle Database in a container by using ‘docker-compose’. The preferred option is to deploy it to Oracle Cloud and then leverage services like Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle Functions, and a complete networking stack.

Watch the introduction to MuShop for Micronaut

MuShop Resources


The Micronaut framework provides Java developers with a huge productivity boost. By avoiding runtime reflection in favor of annotation processing, Micronaut improves the Java-based development experience by detecting errors at compile time instead of runtime, and improves Java-based application start time and memory footprint.

Watch Connecting to Autonomous Database with Micronaut®


GraalVM’s advanced optimizing compiler technology can accelerate any Java workload running on the HotSpot JVM, but GraalVM Native Image’s ahead-of-time compilation provides a whole new way to deploy Java applications ideal for containerization. At build time, GraalVM Native Image analyzes a Java application and its dependencies to identify just what classes, methods, and fields are absolutely necessary and generates optimized machine code for just those elements.

Watch GraalVM Native Image

Cloud Native videos

Multi Cloud by Design

GraalVM Enterprise with Micronaut to Modernize Applications

Faster Microservices with Micronaut, Kafka, and GraalVM Enterprise

Micronaut® is a registered trademark of Object Computing, Inc. Use is for referential purposes and does not imply any endorsement or affiliation with any third-party product.