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Manage your Oracle Cloud Deployment with Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure—a necessity for any project. What better way to manage it than with code!? Terraform plays well with OCI, though you might want to look at Ansible or Chef too.

See Infrastructure Management

SDKs, APIs and other goodness

Maybe you like to go your own way. Make your own path. That's fine - we're into that too! Whether you want to use the awesome OCI SDK or talk directly to the API from your favorite language (or curl, for that matter), this is your place.

See SDKs, APIs and other goodness


Who doesn't like a drag-and-drop GUI? What if you could drag-and-drop your OCI infrastructure - exporting in different formats (Terraform, Ansible, etc.)? OKit's your answer!


Infrastructure Management

Terraform Tutorials

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use Terraform with OCI without resorting to cloud tutorials for services other than OCI? Oracle's Tim Clegg introduces a brand new learning series with Hashicorp.

Deploy Machine Learning in OCI

Machine learning doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to create a standalone environments where you can run machine learning experiments.

CIS Landing Zone

Provisioning the landing zone of your tenancy has gotten easier with this V2 launch. Check out how to add the ability for a user without broad permissions to also provision the Landing Zone.

SDKs, APIs and other goodness

Custom Cost Reports with Python and the metering API

Let Stefan Hinker show you how you might want to, for example, specify cost by compartment using these Python functions.

Using Python with OCI Principles and Vault to retrieve secrets

Unique to OCI, Instance Principals configure the compute instance to authorize API calls. Learn how scripting can be your friend when retrieving a secret without a password.

Making quick-and-dirty REST calls to the Oracle Cloud API in Ruby

When using Ruby, it's possible to leverage all the power and object-oriented goodness which the OCI Ruby SDK offers, yet also possible to make lightweight calls directly to the OCI API.

Deploying Chef Server on Oracle Cloud

This in-depth guide illustrates how to install a Chef server on an Oracle Compute Cloud Service instance or virtual machine. Check this guide out for a thorough dive into Chef and OCI.


Getting started with the OCI Designer Toolkit

Before building your OCI Infrastructure you will need to spend time designing and visualizing your architecture. OKIT is an OpenSource project which does just that.

Integrate OKIT and Oracle Cloud Resource Manager

Check this article out to find out how OKIT integrates with OCI's Resource Manager to create Resource Manager stacks, which applies those stacks and updates them.

Generate documentation with OKIT

OKIT is more than just a visual tool. In this article, Andrew Hokpinson helps you create easy-to-read documentation for all of your OKIT resources.

Working with OKIT templates

In many cases, templates save you time and OKIT is no different. The OKIT concept of Templates is a predefined architecture that can be used as a reference for creating your own architecture.

Additional resources

HashiCorp Learn - Getting Started with Oracle Cloud

Hashicorp's Learn series is a big deal for anyone wanting to start building with OCI. The Getting Started guide is the perfect place to start your journey.

Securing Your Terraform Pipelines

By using an integrated, automated pipeline, users are given nearly instantaneous results, which increases the agility and responsiveness of your organization. Let Tim Clegg show you how.

Provision and manage resources In Oracle Cloud with Chef Knife plugin

Check out this technical resource to ensure your resources are correctly managed with Chef Knife.