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Developers are breaking boundaries, building community, and changing the game for us all. Behind the earth-shattering algorithms, eye-popping platforms, and futuristic frameworks, there's hard work, constant iteration, and building on wha's come before. Here's to developers, the new face of greatness.


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Customer Stories


DreamFactory explains the benefits of using Oracle IaaS.



Ben Busse, VP, Dreamfactory, describes how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is adaptable and helps developers and customers prepare for the move to the cloud.

APIMATIC simplifies developer experience using Oracle Cloud.



API Matic creates a code generation engine that extends Oracle API Platform and enhances the developer experience.
Apps Associates

Apps Associates speeds up development using Oracle Cloud.


Apps Associates

Apps Associates is a global system integrator. With customers looking to modernizing their application stack, Apps Associates uses Java Cloud Service to enable its developers to get started with their development activities.

RelocaLabs explains the importance of moving to Oracle Cloud.



Paul Bramy, CTO at RelocaLabs, a company specialized in automating business application deployments, showcases how they were able to build their app on the Oracle Cloud.