Touring Japan and Europe
Building the Oracle and Java Development Communities
Join Stephen Chin, Sebastian Daschner, and Oracle Developer Champions as they trek through Japan and Europe via motorcycle meeting developers, talking tech, and building community. Check below for schedules, resources, videos, and more as the tours progress through May and June 2018.
Japan Tour: May 2018
In May the dev tour motorcycle team will travel to meet Japanese developers throughout Japan. At various events, including the Java Day Tokyo conference, you'll see Akihiro Nishikawa, Andres Almiray, David Buck, Edson Yanaga, Fernando Badapoulis, Ixchel Ruiz, Kirk Pepperdine, Matthew Gilliard, Sebastian Daschner, and Stephen Chin.
The European Tour: June 2018
In June the dev tour motorcycle team will travel to multiple European countries and cities to meet Java and Oracle community members. Depending on the city and the event, which will include the Oracle Code Berlin conference, you'll meet Fernando Badapoulis, Nikhil Nanivadekar, Sebastian Daschner, and Stephen Chin.
DevTours Cities and Dates
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