Flow: Developer Lifestyle and Careers
Why I Code
Do you code to change the world? Have fun? Make things?
Software developers may be a diverse group, but we share similar motivations. Some of us are makers, some love algorithms, some are drawn to data structures, some love to design beautiful interfaces — and some do it all. Here at Flow we want to share your motivation and connect you to exciting resources and ideas.
How I Code: Productivity Tips
Peek into the working habits and workplaces of developers around the world. Check out their productivity tricks, daily routines, productivity tips, favorite apps and tools—and most importantly, what gets them into the flow.
Career Advice
How do you get started in an emerging tech like blockchain? What does it take to become a cloud architect? (Hint: whiteboarding skills are as important as technical know-how). Learn from others who share their career journeys.
Life Hacks: Food, Finance, Family, Fun
You live to optimize systems and solve problems, so why not take the same approach to your life? Here are ways to enjoy family, improve finances, eat better, and grow healthier with each passing year.
Women in Tech: The Will to Code
Getting ahead in tech when you are a woman—or member of another underrepresented group—can be hard, despite the popular conception of tech as a meritocracy. Here are tried-and-true strategies for success that apply to anyone working against the weight of stereotypes and policies that make life difficult. Plus, we celebrate the women leaders envisioning the next generation of software.
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