Oracle and Docker
Run Your Oracle Workloads in
Docker Containers in Minutes
Oracle and Docker
Oracle and Docker are collaborating to make Oracle’s enterprise software available as Docker images on the Docker Store. This enables developers to pull Docker images of Oracle products to quickly build, ship, and run any modern, cloud-native application with full portability.
Oracle on Docker
With the increasing popularity of Docker for not only development, but also for deployment, we are making available on the Docker Store our flagship products such as Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Java JRE and more as Docker images. These will join Oracle’s official Oracle Linux and MySQL images which are available on the Docker Hub. Developers may also engage with us by looking at the Dockerfiles published as open source software on GitHub.
Oracle Dockerfiles on GitHub
Developers can find the sources used to build all of the images that are available on Docker Hub and on the Docker Store right on the Docker-images project hosted on the Oracle GitHub organization. Our engineers are constantly improving these Dockerfiles to get the latest and greatest features of Docker, as well as adding samples and other Oracle products for faster use and adoption. If you have ideas, suggestions, or issues using the images or building from these sources, let us know.
Containers on Oracle Cloud
Oracle Container Cloud Service provides an easy and quick way to create an enterprise-grade container infrastructure. It delivers comprehensive tooling to compose, deploy, orchestrate, and manage Docker container-based applications on Oracle Cloud for Dev, DevTest, DevOps, and cloud-native use cases. You can experiment with this service right now with a free Oracle Cloud account.