DevOps For Developers
DevOps For Developers
Plan and Code
A complete software development lifecycle takes you from planning to deployment. It requires the plan-and-code phase including Agile planning, task tracking, version management and code review.
CI/CD Pipeline: A Critical Tool for DevOps
While DevOps requires a cultural change for developers, having the right tools right is also essential. Automating the pipeline for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) lets developers get new features in front of end users faster, while still assuring high quality.
Container-Based CD
Continuous deployment (CD) lets operations teams automatically release code changes and deploy them to production in short cycles, reliably and repeatedly. The use of containers has changed what’s possible when it comes to CD.
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous monitoring (CM) is a practice whereby management and monitoring teams monitor applications and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis to prevent downtime. Use Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) Service to increase DevOps agility by monitoring, log analysis, and via orchestration.
Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services let developers use a CI/CD pipeline to make DevOps a reality in their organizations.
Third-Party Tools
These open-source tools enable DevOps automation, made easier with integrations to managed cloud services.
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