About Groundbreaker Ambassadors
Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors have expertise in modern development areas such as cloud, microservices, containers, Java, DevOps, continuous delivery, open source technologies, and SQL/NoSQL databases These professionals are contributors to open source projects, authors on contemporary development approaches, and speakers at top industry conferences such as DeveloperWeek, DevNexus, Devoxx, Oracle Code and Oracle Code One, QCon, and Velocity. Besides presenting, writing, or contributing to open source projects, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors may also play a leadership role in user groups, answer questions in forums, and provide Oracle product management with feedback.
Find a Groundbreaker Ambassador
Search our directory to find Groundbreaker Ambassadors who have made significant contributions to the developer community. You can search by name, company, country, or area of expertise.
Nominate a Groundbreaker Ambassador
Know a talented developer who is contributing significantly to the community? If so, nominate him or her for the Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors award. Groundbreaker Ambassadors are technology experts who are recognized for making contributions in areas such as speaking at developer conferences, blogging, writing articles, contributing code, and working on open source projects. The Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors award is given annually for a one-year term.
Program Benefits
Groundbreaker Ambassadors receive numerous benefits, the greatest of which is peer recognition as an expert developer. The award also includes an Oracle Cloud account, quarterly technology briefings, a complimentary pass to Oracle Code One, and fun networking events. It may also include travel benefits for some speakers at select developer conferences.
Other Community Recognition Programs
The Oracle Groundbreakers Team sponsors two other community recognition programs: the Oracle ACE program and the Java Champions program. The Oracle ACE program recognizes Oracle technical product experts; the Java Champions program celebrates Java enthusiasts and their expertise.
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