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Developer Live

Java Innovations

September 20, 2022

Introducing Java 19! See how new features can advance your application innovation.

Advance your application innovation with Java 19

This latest release improves the performance, stability, and security of your Java application development. Join us at Oracle Developer Live to learn more about Java 19 and boost your development skills. Experts from Oracle’s Java Platform Group will share the strategies, tips, and knowledge you need to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications for various deployment environments.

Check out the continuous innovation that makes Java the premier programming language and platform for modern app development as you explore these new features:

  • (JEP 428) Structured Concurrency (Incubator): Improve the maintainability, reliability, and observability of your multithreaded code.
  • (JEP 405) Record Patterns (Preview): Discover how to extend pattern matching to express more sophisticated, composable data queries.
  • (JEP 424) Foreign Function and Memory API (Preview): Enable interoperability with code and data outside the Java runtime.
  • (JEP 425) Virtual Threads (Preview): Reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput, concurrent applications.
  • (JEP 427) Pattern Matching for Switch (Third Preview): Expand the expressiveness and applicability of switch expressions and statements by allowing patterns to appear in case labels.
  • (JEP 426) Vector API (Fourth Incubator): Express vector computations that reliably compile at runtime to optimal vector instructions on supported CPU architectures, thus achieving performance superior to equivalent scalar computations.
  • (JEP 422) Linux/RISC-V Support: With the increasing availability of RISC-V hardware, access the JDK to Linux/RISC-V to expand your hardware reach.

Featured speakers

Georges Saab
Georges Saab Senior Vice President, Java Platform Group, Oracle and Chair, OpenJDK Governing Board

Georges Saab is the senior vice president of development for the Java Platform Group at Oracle. His team is responsible for Java Standard Edition (SE), including the Java language, core libraries, and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). With more than 30 years in this field, Georges is a veteran of programming languages and platform development. His work with the Java platform began as a developer of Java SE at JavaSoft and Sun Microsystems where he was a founder of the Swing group and Java Webstart. He then ran development of the JRockit JVM for many years at BEA Systems. Georges is also the chairperson of the OpenJDK Governing Board.

Chad Arimura
Chad Arimura Vice President, Java Developer Relations, Oracle

Chad Arimura is vice president of Java developer relations at Oracle. Previously, he was the cofounder and CEO of where he grew a multimillion-dollar annual recurring revenue business that pioneered serverless computing and recorded some of the earliest usages of the term serverless in 2010. When Oracle acquired in 2017, Chad served as vice president of serverless technologies where he established the serverless organization. His team produced The Fn Project and Oracle Functions, making Oracle one of the only major cloud providers to offer a functions-as-a-service platform largely built on upstream, open source code. Once the serverless org was fully established, Chad joined the Java Platform Group to help build out the developer relations team and further strengthen Oracle’s connection with the millions of Java developers worldwide by demonstrating empathy and integrity. He’s a frequent speaker at developer events worldwide, addressing topics such as Java, serverless computing, entrepreneurship, team building, and culture. You can follow and stay connected with Chad on Twitter @chadarimura

Sharat Chander
Sharat Chander Senior Director, Java Product Management and Developer Engagement, Oracle

Sharat Chander is a director of Java platform product management and developer engagement at Oracle. He has worked in the IT industry for 25 years for firms that include Bell Atlantic, Verizon, and Sun Microsystems. His background and technical specialty is in Java development tools, graphics design, and product and community management. Actively involved in the Java community for two decades, Sharat helps drive greater Java awareness, acceptance, and adoption. His advocacy efforts have improved and increased community participation and enterprise usage of Java. Sharat is also a frequent keynote speaker and active participant in developer programs worldwide.

Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro Senior Director, Product Management for Java SE, Oracle

Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro is a senior director of product management for the Java Platform Group at Oracle. He has been involved in the development of the Java Development Kit (JDK) since JDK 7. Aurelio ensures that internal Oracle groups using the JDK are informed of changes, and he explains the most relevant features and enhancements for upcoming releases. Prior to joining Oracle in 2010, Aurelio worked at Sun Microsystems. Before moving to California, he was employed in workforce management in the telecommunications industry in Florida. He’s been a frequent presenter at JavaOne, Oracle Code One, Java user groups, and Oracle customer events. He also received a JavaOne Rock Star Award. Aurelio holds a BS in systems engineering from Universidad de Lima and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. You can follow and stay connected with Aurelio on Twitter @aureliog.

JavaOne is back!

JavaOne at Oracle CloudWorld marks the return of the world’s premier developer conference. Experience the latest Java innovations on October 17–20, 2022 in Las Vegas.

Join us to learn more about Java 19.