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Oracle Developer Live


Oracle Developer Live is a series of free virtual events that feature keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, and panels and participation in a live Q&A with experts.

Oracle Developer Live

Upcoming events

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Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations

March 22, 2022 | Americas

March 24, 2022 | Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Japan, Asia-Pacific

Watch on-demand replays of Oracle Developer Live events

Oracle Database World

November 2021

Discover how Oracle’s latest database innovations can help you create a data-driven organization with sessions on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Exadata Cloud@Customer, Machine Learning, Database 21c, Kubernetes and microservices, and more.

Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations

September 2021

Gain insights into the incremental performance, stability, and security improvements in the new Java 17 release. Watch the subject matter experts from the Java platform group at Oracle as they deliver technical content to refresh and update your skills.

Oracle Developer Live: Simplifying Modern App Dev

August 2021

Learn the foundational principles of modern app development. Discover how applying new technologies can simplify decision making and free you to focus on code.

Oracle Developer Live: App Dev with Oracle Database

May 2021

Learn how Oracle Database is optimized for developer productivity. This event will show you how Oracle Database gives developers simple API-driven access and model-specific languages together with powerful SQL capabilities.

Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations

March 2021

Learn from Oracle and Java technical experts as they provide real-world insights, strategies, and tips for improving application performance, stability, and security for innovating your development with Java. Expand your knowledge of Java 16 features.

Oracle Developer Live: AI and ML for Your Enterprise

January 2021

Learn how to accelerate your applications with AI and ML with real-world insights, strategies, and tips for eliminating development roadblocks and building an AI-powered enterprise.

Oracle Developer Live: Cloud Native Apps

November 2020

Learn how you can start to build open Cloud Native technologies into your stack, to gain speed and agility without compromising on security and reliability.

Oracle Developer Live: MySQL

October 2020

Learn about MySQL 8.0 and MySQL Cloud to build highly performant, scalable, data-secure applications.

Oracle Developer Live: Java

September 2020

Learn about Java 15 and how to improve your Java skills to address modern application development.

Oracle Developer Live: Oracle Database

August 2020

Learn how to harness the power of Oracle Database to build data-driven applications.

Oracle Developer Live Digital Participation Badges

Get your Oracle Developer Live digital badge! Just attend the sessions, take the short quiz, and show off your achievement. Participants must view Oracle Developer Live event content or past on-demand events to qualify and earn a digital participation badge.