Containers on Oracle Cloud
Oracle and Containers
Develop, deploy, and operate containers easily in Oracle Cloud. Be it with your custom workloads or with our enterprise software, we are collaborating with the Open Container Initiative and other foundations and partners to make the development, management, and monitoring of containerized applications as easy and productive as possible. Quickly build, ship, and run any modern, cloud-native application with full portability on Oracle Cloud.
Oracle Container Cloud Service
Oracle Container Service provides an easy and quick way to create an enterprise-grade container infrastructure. It delivers comprehensive tooling to compose, deploy, orchestrate, manage, and monitor Docker containers on Oracle Cloud for DevTest and production for any cloud-native use case.
Oracle Technologies on Docker Store
With the increasing popularity of containers we decided to make available on the Docker Store our flagship products such as Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Java, and more as Docker images. These will join Oracle's official Oracle Linux and  MySQL images. Other open source-related images can be found on our Docker Hub organization. And you can also find more tested and approved images on our own Container Registry server.
Dockerfiles on GitHub
Docker Store right on the docker-images repository hosted on the Oracle GitHub organization. Our engineers are constantly improving the Dockerfiles and scripts to get the latest and greatest features of Docker, optimizing image sizes and adding samples and more recipes for other Oracle products for easier of use and adoption. If you have ideas, suggestions, or issues using the images or building from these sources, let us know.
Open Source Container Tools
Containers are always required for better performance, security, and debugging. To meet that need and contribute to the developer community, we have open-sourced three key projects on GitHub: Smith, Crashcart and Railcar.
CI/CD Platform for Containers
Wercker is a Docker-native CI/CD automation platform for Kubernetes and microservice deployments. It enables you to use the streamlined, continuous integration platform to build applications faster and release more often.
DevOps Tooling
Oracle Developer Cloud Service provides a fully featured DevOps tooling platform with support for source code management, agile dashboards, issue tracking, traditional CI environment, automated deployment, dependency management for Maven, a single pane of glass for multiple Docker registries, and more.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also provides a platform for installing your own container deployment. You manage the Docker-container orchestration with available third-party, open source, or commercial tools.
Easy-to-use Microservices Runtime
With Application Container Cloud Service you have a self-service, easy-to-use runtime platform built on top of Docker and designed specifically for cloud-native, 12-factor style applications. It has support for microservices written in Java 7 up to 9 (with commercial features including Flight Recorder) and recent releases of Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. This service gives you a choice of setting memory size and number of container instances automatically provisioned and managed for you. It integrates fully with Developer Cloud Service for continuous integration and deployment.
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