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Meet our team

Spanning far and wide, this small but mighty team is bringing developers new solutions to old problems. We're here to muddy the waters.

Elli Schilling

Eli Schilling

Sr Principal Developer Advocate

Eli is a technology geek who thrives on the art of the possible. With a passion for education, he consistently strives to elevate people while incorporating efficient process and appropriate technology. “To learn is to live.”

Jane Hall Profile Picture

Jane Hall

Developer Marketing APAC


Jane is passionate, developer marketing passionate. Heading the charge across Asia-Pacific and Japan, she is determined in her cause. Jane is a Jedi.

Ettore Volpicelli profile picture

Ettore Volpicelli

Developer Marketing EMEA


Ettore is a marketer who loves to find solutions on how developers can be engaged and have fun with Oracle. A cook who lives in Italy, Ettore loves spends time enjoying his passions, including football (soccer) and motorcycles!

Tara Van Cleave Profile Picture

Tara Van Cleave

Developer Marketing Event Manager


Tara is a marketer who makes events happen around the world. She likes running, practicing French, traveling, and living in Austin, TX.

Wojciech Pluta Profile Picture

Wojciech Pluta

Global XRlab Lead


Wojciech is all about applied 3D innovation. He is into all things 3d from digital twins to avatars , webGL to WebRTC, AR to VR, Blender to Gaming and eSports… in spare time he is a dad of 2 , aspiring guitarist, mountain biker and obsessive Tool fan.

Huw Profile Picture

Huw Parry

Community Insights Director


With an eye for detail and strong intuition, Huw likes to "see around corners", but uses data to help, obviously. Find him outdoors, usually on a bike.

Ignacio Guillermo Martínez Profile Picture

Ignacio Guillermo Martínez

Data Scientist Advocate


A natural born programmer who started life in tech as a hobby, though that hobby became more serious. His purpose is to help the world grow through new technologies.

Erin Dawson Profile Pic

Erin Dawson

DevRel Communications Manager


Erin Dawson is a writer on the DevRel team who lives in Los Angeles, CA. She likes basketball, making ambient music, and watching the where-are-they-now endings to documentaries.


Brett Terpstra Profile Picture

Brett Terpstra

Principal Technical Writer


Brett is a writer who loves short, clear descriptions. Also cats, hikes, and regular expressions.

Victor Agreda, Jr. profile picture

Victor Agreda, Jr.

DevRel Writer


Victor is a polymath with experience in writing, design, publishing, marketing, and code. He enjoys movies, magic, and music in his spare time.

Manjunath Profile Pic

Manjunath R

Principal Technical Program Manager


A curated minimalist. Believes complex problems have simple solutions. A disciplined individual who likes exploring nature and adventure trips. In his free time, researches sustainable farming to make the world a happy place.

JW Koebel Profile Picture

JW Koebel

DevRel PMO Lead


Always looking for ways to cut through red tape and unlock an idea's full potential. In his free time, he's either digging in the garden or making sparks in his electronics lab.

Niki Chen profile picture

Niki Chen

Operations Manager


Niki likes being productive and pushing herself to be more in the world. Milk tea addict with a dog named Boba.

Stefan Stan Profile Picture

Stefan Stan

Operations Manager


Stefan is an enthusiastic and curious person that always enjoys learning new things and finding out how everything works by pushing all the buttons.