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The New Face of Greatness

The votes are in. From a shortlist of brilliant developers, you've chosen who you think deserves the recognition of our community and beyond. And now it's time to announce who has excelled. It's time to meet your Groundbreakers of 2019.

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Oracle  Groundbreakers

Meet the 2018 Groundbreakers

Be inspired by last year's Groundbreaker Award winners. These digital pioneers triumphed thanks to their unrivalled talent and exceptional breakthroughs in code. And their work has paved the way for groundbreakers everywhere.

On the Coding Path

Breakthroughs happen everywhere all the time. We set out to find inspiration from groundbreakers who’ve cracked the uncrackable, coding pioneers like you—and like us—with (sometimes tall) tales to tell about the changing trends in development.

John Wolpert image

Blockchain: Why It's About Collaboration

Guido Van Rossum image

The Story of Python, by Its Creator, Guido van Rossum

Burr Sutter profile image

Open Source, Serverless, and the Fn Project

Real Life in Code

Applying coding logic is second nature, particularly when it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen (Apple Pi, anyone?). But how do some of our greatest minds see the world and the trajectory tech is taking? Catch the conversations here.

Food: Coder's Kitchen

Fun: Zombie Devices and the Moons of Jupiter

Eater SF: Oracle Tests Blockchain Technology with Local Brewery Alpha Acid

Born to Code

The will to code doesn’t discriminate. So, where are all the women coders? All around us, that’s where. Check out tips from some top women developers on how to bypass lingering gender bias to advance your coding career.

Oracle Code Los Angeles: Women in Tech Luncheon Panel

Oracle Hosts Bay Area Girl Geeks And Asks: What's Your Superpower?

Do First, Ask Later: Inspiring Advice from Women Tech Leaders