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Developer Lighthouse Program

Want to accelerate innovation by using Cloud Native technologies on OCI but struggling on where to start? Work directly with OCI Cloud Native Architects to help you get started. No catch. DLP is a free program where we want to learn how you're using OCI and receive your feedback on the service.

Phases and Outcome of Developer Lighthouse Program

Remote code work

How do you get started?

The program is broken into the following phases

  • Discovery workshop
  • Developer cloud day
  • Up to three months of support from an Oracle expert resource
  • Deployment

Is the Developer Program Right for you?

The Developer Lighthouse Program (DLP) helps customer move off ground zero and jumpstart their transition to cloud native application development. The DLP provides technical advice and support for the organization’s development team



Determine what is your Cloud Native pilot or workload you want to run on OCI.


Learn more from OCI Cloud Native Architects the service services and tools to have a successful pilot.


Working directly with a Cloud Native Architect, successfully execute your pilot to production on OCI. 

Discovery workshop

The discovery workshop is for the leadership team to lay out a vision for the digital transformation projects. You will be able to discuss your goals, scope a target application development project, and obtain a high-level estimate of the time frame to deliver on those goals.

Developer Cloud Day

The developer cloud day is six hours of customized cloud native topics that you choose


A technical engineer with several years of experience and heavily involved in the cloud native space and joins the project team for three months to offer product support, training, advice, and handle escalations.


  • The program focuses on your development team by providing you assistance with the move to cloud native.

  • Oracle would like to remove any blockers you may have to start your cloud native project.   This program is offered free of charge to the Development Team that is accepted in the Program. 

  • On Average, the program will run for about 10 weeks of support from an Oracle Expert.

  • Contact your Oracle representative or email us directly if you are new to Oracle Cloud.