Code Card is a Wi-Fi-enabled device with an e-paper display that can retrieve content from Oracle Cloud. Code Cards are available on a first-come basis to Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Code One attendees who sign up for a cloud trial account. Stop by the Groundbreakers Hub to sign up and start configuring your Code Card.
Get Started
  • Open the official Oracle Events app. Choose the Code Card Designer either under the main menu or the Info Booth section.
  • Log in with your Code Card ID or scan the barcode using your mobile camera.
  • Add your content, choose an icon and template, select the button you want to use, then save.
Code Your Card

Code the content yourself by configuring your Code Card to retrieve content from an Oracle Cloud Function.

Deploy a Cloud Function that returns the expected JSON payload.
  • Follow this guide to setup your Oracle Cloud Functions.
  • Choose the programing language of your preference.
  • Deploy your code!
Configure Your Card
Configure your Code Card to point to your new URL endpoint.
  • Download our custom serial terminal*here.
  • Enter the Code Card configuration mode by holding buttons A and B
  • Connect to your laptop using a micro-USB cable.
  • Change configuration settings with the Code Card CLI interface. Start by typing "help."
*You can also use PuTTY, Linux screen or any other serial terminal.
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