• Oracle Code Call for Papers

The confirmed Oracle Code 2018 cities/dates are shown below. Event dates will be added as information is finalized, along with associated dates and deadlines.

Anyone who has already submitted for a city will be notified when new cities are finalized. If you want to resubmit your proposal for consideration for a new city, or submit a new session, return to the CFP page to submit.

Please note: The submission page is open to all, but it will require Oracle Single Sign On to access.
General Information
Notifications for accepted and declined submissions will be sent for each city.

Contact Information
For questions regarding the CFP, technical questions about the submission tool, or issues with submitting your proposal, send an email to speaker-services_ww@oracle.com.
Submission Information
Please read over the following information.

  • As the CFP for new cities open up, you can return to the CFP page and submit for the new cities. We will notify anyone who has submitted up to that point.
  • If you would like to duplicate any of your submissions for any other city, please use the Copy icon to the right of the submission. You can also make any changes to that duplicate if you wish.
  • You must add at least 1 speaker, with a maximum 2 speakers.
  • Notifications for accepted and declined submissions are sent by city.
Submission Fields
(*mandatory field)

City*: The city this submission applies to. To submit for multiple cities, return to the CFP form.

Title*: Maximum character limit is 80 characters including spaces (approximately 12 to 17 words)

Abstract*: Maximum character limit is 750 characters including spaces

Trends* (multiple choice):
  • Blockchain
  • CI/CD, Dev Tools, Low Code Platforms
  • Containers, Microservices, API Design.
  • Databases, Big Data, NoSQL
  • Machine Learning, AI
  • Mobile, Chatbots
  • RAD, Agile, and DevOps Methodologies
  • Reactive, Functional Programming
Programming Languages* (multiple choice):
  • .NET
  • Java
  • JavaScript, Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Other (if you select “Other” then please specify)
Presentation Language*
This is dependent on the city. If the event in a particular city will be in a language other than English, you will be able to specify the language in which you will deliver your presentation.

Presentation Summary*
For evaluation only, this is a more in-depth description of your proposal to help the reviewers better understand your submission.

Experience Level
Identifies the knowledge level of the targeted attendee. No selection means it applies to all.

Link to Supporting Video*
Include a hyperlink to a video of your past presentations or speaking engagements. If you do not have a video, you may record a two-minute presentation and submit a link to the online recording.

Speaker Information
Minimum 1, maximum 2 speakers. Please supply: Name, company/affiliation name, email address, mobile number, and city/country where you live; links to GitHub and Twitter accounts are optional.
Sample Speaker Consent Form
On behalf of myself and my company/organization, which is designated below ("Organization"), and in consideration of my participation in Oracle Code 2018 (the “Event”) I grant Oracle (and its designated contractors), and its subsidiaries and affiliates under common control ("Oracle") the following permissions in connection with the Event:
  1. Permission to make sound and visual recordings of any and all presentation(s) I give in relation to the Event (“Presentation”) on film, tape, disk, and/or other forms of media, whether in analog or digital format (the “Recordings”), including permission to incorporate into the Recordings, in whole or in part, any presentation materials that I use in connection with my Presentation, including without limitation any written speeches, visual aids, or other visual or written materials used, performed, displayed and/or provided by me in connection with the Presentation (the “Presentation Materials.”)
  2. Permission to use and distribute my name, voice, biographic material, likeness, and portrait (hereinafter collectively referred to as my “Likeness”) in connection with my Presentation, for the purpose of publicizing or promoting my Presentation(s) at and participation in the Event, including permission to incorporate my Likeness into the Recordings, in whole or in part.
  3. Permission to use my Organization’s name and logo in connection with my Presentation and incorporate them into the Recordings, for the sole purpose of identifying my Organization, my affiliation with my Organization, and my presentation at and participation in the Event. Oracle’s use of the company name and logo inures solely to the benefit of my Organization.
  4. Permission to use, copy, translate, reformat, edit, broadcast, publish, perform, promote, distribute, digitize, transmit, make derivative works based upon, and/or display all or parts of my Presentation, my Likeness, my Presentation Materials, the Recordings, and/or a transcript of the Recordings. This includes, without limitation, the right to make and distribute a DVD, CD, flash memory card, memory stick, PC card, audio tape, video tape, and/or other recording of the Event proceedings that contain the Recordings in whole or in part, the right to distribute the Recordings in whole or in part via download from Oracle’s affiliated web sites, and the right to distribute, display, broadcast, rebroadcast, and reproduce the Recordings, in any and all media existing now or later developed, as part of Event proceedings and archives that Oracle makes available on its web sites or elsewhere. Any such use must be in connection with the Event or future versions of the Event, and must not be misleading or reflect negatively on my Organization or me.
I understand that neither my Organization nor I will receive any compensation for granting these permissions. Oracle is not granted any other permissions or rights with respect to my Likeness, my Presentation, the Recordings, or the Presentation Materials.

I represent and warrant that I have the right to the Presentation and Presentation Materials except any Presentation Materials listed herein, that the publication of this Presentation and Presentation Materials will not infringe on the patent, trademark, copyright rights of others, nor is it slanderous, libelous, or an invasion of any person’s right of privacy or publicity. I further represent and warrant that I have full power to grant this license to Oracle.
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