Über die Oracle Cloud
Oracle Code ist eine kostenlose Veranstaltung für Entwickler und informiert über die neuesten Entwicklungstechnologien, -prozesse und -trends. Einige Themen:
Technical Sessions
Learn from technical experts in sessions for developing software in Java, Node.js, and other languages and frameworks.
Hands-On Labs
Get hands-on with I/O intensive cloud-native apps and cloud-native microservices in labs led by industry leaders and developers.
Code Lounge
Experience 3D printing, hear tips from developers at CodeCast, exchange ideas in the IoT Workshop, and much more.
Cloud Coffee Service
You can recharge and indulge with the best coffee available at Oracle Code. Watch baristas make and serve coffee using a Raspberry Pi and Java. Chat with them about the various developer programs at Oracle.
CodeCast All Day at Oracle Code
Join the audience and watch developers and community members share their experiences. CodeCast is a live program where developers show off tips and insights to a global audience.
3D Printing
Come watch Oracle Cloud-enabled 3D printing...and maybe walk away with a sample.
Engage at IoT Workshops
Interact and exchange ideas with other Oracle Code attendees at the IoT Workshop spaces.Get your own Wi-Fi microcontroller and connect to Oracle IoT Cloud Service. OTN is partnering with AppsLab and the Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience emerging technologies team to make these workshops happen.
Cloud Computer Numerical Control(CNC)
Draw shapes on a community-created mobile app. Images will be uploaded to Oracle Cloud, transferred to CNC machines, downloaded, and then cut to your design. Tap into your creativity and learn how Oracle Database Cloud and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service enable this unique endeavor.
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Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung ist kostenlos. Sie findet am 24. April 2017 im Estrel Congress Center in Berlin statt.
Estrel Berlin
Sonnenallee 225, 12057
Berlin, Deutschland
Anreise und Parkmöglichkeiten