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Women in Technology Panel: Diversity and AI How Can We Prevent Our Biases from Creeping into AI


Oracle Code New York 2019


Keynote Live Stream: Oracle Code New York (1:57:06)


The New Face of Greatness (35:42)


GraalVM: A Multilingual, Efficient, Secure, and Embeddable Virtual Machine (46:23)

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Oracle Code Berlin 2019


GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Everywhere (33:00)


Keynote Live Stream: Oracle Code Berlin (1:55)


The Modern Site Reliability Workbench on Top of OCI (35:55)

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Oracle Code Rome 2019


Proxima: IoT e Microservices for a Programmable Smart City (34:16)


Keynote Live Stream: Oracle Code Rome (1:50)


Johan Janssen and How to Create a Continuous Delivery Pipeline (7:34)

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Oracle OpenWorld Singapore 2019


Avi Miller on Oracle Linux Cloud Native, VirtualBox, and FOSS (14:00)


Susan Duncan and High Productivity Development in a MicroService (9:17)


Philip Antoniades discussing MySQL 8.0 (8:03)

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Oracle Code Bangalore 2019


Thrive with Microservices Using DevOps in Oracle Cloud (43:23)


Keynote Live Stream: Oracle Code Bangalore (2:08)


Malay Kumar Khawas on DevOps, Autonomous, and Oracle Code Innovate (11:44)

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Oracle OpenWorld Dubai 2019


Sarah Eklund Chattbots and Enabling Effortless Interactions (6:19)


Melissa Boxer and AI and Smart Data (10:22)


Martin Jarvis Chatbots and Digital Assistant (9:03)

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Oracle Code Shenzhen 2019


Jim and Javed Intro Oracle Code Shenzhen 2019 (3:25)


Baohua Yang discusses Blockchain Application practice and use (4:54)


Yuqi Li and API platform, an accelerator for digital transformation (6:44)

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