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Developer Legends Reddit AMA Series

Legendary developers from around the world offer advice about the latest technology trends, share lessons learned, and answer your questions. Check out the Q&As at the links below from the Developer Legends Reddit Ask Me Anything series, sponsored by Oracle.

Chris Richardson

Creator of the Original Cloud Foundry, Author of POJOs in Action: Developing Enterprise Applications with Lightweight Frameworks; and Microservices Guru

This is Chris Richardson. I shared some of my industry knowledge about microservices in the Oracle Code New York keynote and loved hearing your stories about using the microservice architecture. Take a look at the Reddit AMA I participated in after the live-streamed event about microservices.

Chris Richardson Reddit AMA
Chris Richardson Oracle Code New York keynote

Adam Bien

Java Consultant, Author, and Java Community Process(JCE) Expert Group member for Java EE, EJB 3.X, JAX-RS, and JPA 2.X JSRs

Hello. This is Adam Bien. I have worked with Java technology since JDK 1.0 and with Servlets/EJB 1.0, and am now an architect and developer for Java SE and Java EE projects. I authored Real World Java EE Patterns: Rethinking Best Practices and Real World Java EE Night Hacks: Dissecting the Business Tier. You can find me organizing Java EE workshops at Munich’s airport ( Take a look at the industry knowledge I shared at the Oracle Code London keynote, and the advice I gave during the Developer Legends Reddit AmA brought to you by Oracle.

Adam Bien Reddit AMA
Adam Bien Oracle Code London keynote

Daniel Lopez Ridruejo

Co-Founder and CEO of Bitnami

It’s Daniel Lopez. I am a software developer that co-founded Bitnami to bring open source apps to everyone while working as a distributed team across the globe. Our easy-to-install packages are used daily by millions of people to learn new programming languages, host and create blogs, or run production apps at Fortune 500 companies. Take a look at my keynote at Oracle Code México and what I shared about being a CEO and former software developer!

Daniel Lopez Reddit AMA
Daniel Lopez Oracle Code México keynote

Peter Laurie

CEO, Junta Proprietary Limited, Java/Java EE and SQL Expert, and Machine Learning Addict

Hi. It’s Peter Laurie. I am an Australian tech, startup, and business guy with 20 years developer experience and 15 years business experience. I'm also a Java/JavaEE, SQL, XQuery guy with a grudging acceptance of JavaScript and enough Python to support a Machine Learning addiction. I work as a dev/architect/consultant in enterprise, startups, and everything in between. Watch my Oracle Code Sydney keynote and the Q&A that took place around Java and Java EE.

Peter Laurie Reddit AMA
Peter Laurie Oracle Code Sydney keynote